Dvořák, 5 Bagatellen (SATB)


Antonín Dvorák’s Five Bagatelles, Op. 47, in addition to two violins and cello, make use of the harmonium, a reed-type organ that was perfected around 1842. Although the harmonium is not commonly heard today, it was popular in the middle to later part of the nineteenth century. Dvorák wrote the Bagatelles in 1878. Around the time, he was playing a lot of chamber music with close friends. One of these, Josef Srb-Debrnov, owned a harmonium, and speculation is that Dvorák omitted the viola part (his own instrument) and played the harmonium instead. (bron: www.allmusic.com)


Voor vergevorderd kwartet: hoge noten en snelle gedeeltes in alle partijen.